Chad Powers:  

My experience with Innovage has been a positive one from the very beginning. When I was in college, I was on a full scholarship for baseball when I took a summer job with a company that was selling Innovage products. Four months later, I decided I would skip a semester and see where I could take things with that business. That was twelve years ago and today, my business associates are doing about 6-8 million pieces of Innovage products a year.

The overall quality and pricing of these brand-name Innovage products gives my business an advantage I could never get anywhere else. I can grow my business at will because Innovage has never failed to provide me with as much of their product as I request at any time. In addition, I never have to worry about cash flow from my end. At any given time my business associates have between $5-8 million in inventory on consignment from Innovage.

The bottom line is that Innovage has helped me change my life.

Dave Keenan:

My experience with Innovage has created many opportunities that I have been very fortunate to take advantage of.

Innovage and its group of partners are experts in the development, sourcing, and procurement of consumer products. Their unprecedented relationships with manufacturers around the globe have given them the knowledge to produce products that are not only of great quality, but they offer the greatest possible value to the consumer.

In addition, Innovage's unique method of consignment supply enables a new business to compete with any retailer, large or small. Item for item, Innovage is producing larger quantities than any other supplier. This volume buying can be capitalized on by a new business to immediately gain market share. In other words, you don't have to be as big as Wal-Mart to sell cheaper than Wal-Mart. Not only can you build a business with great products and great prices, you can make great profits doing it.

As Innovage continues to expand its distribution into new markets, more and more "name brand" companies are coming on board. Relationships with companies like Disney, Universal Studios, Vivitar, and Samsonite bring an even bigger competitive edge to the product line. This creates an incredible set of possibilities for future opportunities that conventional suppliers simply won't be able to compete with. The next twenty years should be very exciting!

Harmony Hunt:

As a supplier, Innovage has never let me down. They have always delivered extremely efficiently as well as having amazing quality of products. What puts them completely over the top is the fact that no one can touch their pricing, which obviously makes my business better.

Innovage allows my business to operate at peak performance and save maximum amounts of time because I don't have to check with the competition on pricing, quality, and name brands. Their variety of products from leather goods, electronics, to children's items are superior to any other supply company. They truly are my source for "one stop shopping."

Mike Smith:

Before I became an Innovage customer I had been going through a difficult period in my life. I was facing some serious money issues and was living with my grandmother to help make ends meet. Innovage helped me get through this period by supplying me with their merchandise on consignment and allowing me to run my own business without any cash investment from my end. Twelve years later, I have gone from a $150 consignment order with Innovage to a $1,000,000 consignment order. Today, I own my own home, a Lexus, Mercedes and a BMW.

Innovage has provided me with the products and support that have allowed me to make the most of both my business and my life.