Samsonite Universal Studios Crayola Vivitar

"Innovage continues to be an important part of our growth. They continue to sell more Samsonite product than we ever thought imaginable."

Paul Ross
E&B Giftware
Licensee of Samsonite Products

"Universal Studios owns hundreds of brands, and Innovage is now taking those brands and creating new products that we'd never been involved with and selling them to new tiers of distribution that we've never even thought of approaching."

Tim Rothwell
Consumer Products Division
Universal Studios

"Polyconcept embraces the relationship we have built with Innovage and its tremendous support for the Crayola brand."

Rick Umans
Polyconcept USA, Inc.

Innovage recently booked two items at 500,000 pieces each from Polyconcept, quantities unheard of in other industries.

"Innovage has opened up new markets that were nonexistent to Vivitar prior to our partnership. The sheer volume of Vivitar Branded products that Innovage moves every year has boosted our sales numbers by 18% over the last three years. We are proud to have Innovage and their affiliates bringing Vivitar products to their customers worldwide and are open to new opportunities in the future."

Gary Carleton
Vivitar Corporation USA

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